In the heart of Whanganui, New Zealand, four different guys united by a love for sport and good beer have set up an independent craft brewery and bar. What started in a modest garden shed in the suburbs has now evolved into a finely-tuned source for some of the tastiest beers around.


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In 2017, friends Hami, Taco, Andrew, and Adam started Lads Brewing in a corner of Taco's garage, initially brewing beer for personal enjoyment and their football club friends. Recognizing their commercial potential, they transitioned to contract brewing at Massey University in 2018. Leveraging their diverse professional backgrounds, they built their brewery, garnering recognition with an award for Best Emerging Maori Business. Despite lockdowns in 2020, they expanded their operations, introduced popular events like the Lads Brew Days, and launched a beer truck named ‘Buck’. In 2022, they fully transitioned into a full-time craft brewery bar, becoming a notable presence in New Zealand's beer market with outlets in several regions.

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